The American New Wave: A Retrospective

4 - 6 July 2017

The Music Building, Bangor University

Tuesday 4 July


Registration / Tea & Coffee (Music Building Foyer)


Conference Introduction (Mathias Hall)



Keynote Address (Mathias Hall)

Professor Robert Kolker (University of Maryland) – ‘New Hollywood, New Criticism: The Revolution in Writing about Film’


Lunch (Music Building Foyer)


Parallel Panel Sessions

PANEL A – Revisiting Key Films of the American New Wave I (Roberts Room) (Chair: Matthew Melia)

Yannis Tzioumakis (University of Liverpool) – ‘Legitimising Exploitation: Easy Rider (1969) and Independent Cinema’s Journey into Hollywood’

Frances Smith (University College London) – ‘Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: Re-Reading the Nostalgia Film’

Cary Edwards (University of Lincoln) – ‘Formal Radicalism vs Radical Representation in The French Connection (William Friedkin, 1971) and Dirty Harry (Don Siegel, 1971)’

PANEL B - Authorship and the American New Wave I (Parry-Williams Room) (Chair: Sarah Thomas)

Emilio Audissino (University of Southampton) – ‘Zucker-Abrahams-Zucker: New Hollywood’s Zany Godards’

Philip Drake – ‘Becoming Hal Ashby: Harold and Maude (1971) and Hal Ashby’s Quirky Early Career’

Fjoralba Miraka (Roehampton University) – ‘Old Hollywood Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, Or Does It?: Cinematic Melodramas of Beset Manhood in the Hollywood Renaissance’


Tea/ Coffee (Music Building Foyer)


Parallel Panel Sessions

PANEL A – Alternatives to Auteurism in the American New Wave (Roberts Room) (Chair: Peter Krämer)

Oliver Gruner (University of Portsmouth) – ‘Renaissance Man: Waldo Salt, Screenwriting and the American New Wave’

Frederick Wasser (Brooklyn College CUNY) - ‘Coppola’s The Conversation and New Wave Sound Design’

Warren Buckland (Oxford Brookes University) - ‘The Film Editors who invented the New Hollywood: Sam O’Steen, Dede Allen, and Ralph Rosenblum’

PANEL B - Alternative Perspectives on the American New Wave
Parry-Williams Room) (Chair: Dyfrig Jones)

Christopher Brown (University of Greenwich) – ‘Inherent Vice? Waste, naturalism and the mass subject in the American New Wave’

Raqi Syed (Victoria University of Wellington) – ‘Expanded Cinema ++: The French Avant-Garde, The New American Cinema, and Virtual Reality’

Neil Jackson (University of Lincoln) – ‘Losing Ben Gardner’s Head – Jaws: The Sharksploitation Editand the gutting of Spielberg’s big fish’


Wine reception (Music Building Foyer) – Sponsored by the School of Creative Studies and Media


SCREENING IN PONTIO : Bonnie & Clyde (Arthur Penn, 1967)
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Conference Buffet Meal

Wednesday 5 July



Professor I.Q. Hunter (De Montfort University) – ‘The Passions of John Milius’


Tea/ Coffee (Music Building Foyer)


Parallel Panel Sessions

PANEL A - Stars of the American New Wave (Roberts Room)
(Chair: Nathan Abrams)

Robert Hensley-King (Ghent University) – ‘Problematic Patriarchy: Jack Nicholson’s Mischievous Masculinities, 1969-75’

Vincent Brook (UCLA) – ‘American New Wave, Jewish Star Style: Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand’

PANEL B - Women and the American New Wave (Parry-Williams Room)
(Chair: Linda Ruth Williams)

Aaron Hunter (Maynooth University) – ‘Polly Platt’s New Hollywood Aesthetic’

Aimee Mollaghan (Edge Hill University) – ‘Lost in the Landscape: Barbara Loden’s Influence on the Contemporary American Female Road Movie’





Parallel Panel Sessions

PANEL A – Genre and the American New Wave (Roberts Room)
(Chair: Michael Goddard)

Mehdi Achouche (Jean Moulin University) – ‘“Never Trust Anybody Over 30”: Science Fiction and the New Hollywood 1968-77’

Nicholas Godfrey and Zoë Wallin (Flinders University) – ‘The Boys Can Kill: The 1970s Youth Western Cycle’

Eddie Falvey (University of Exeter) – ‘Tortured Landscapes: Reconfiguring the Nation’s Mythical Body in the Rural Horrors of the New Hollywood Era’

PANEL B – Legacies of the American New Wave I  (Parry-Williams Room) (Chair: Yannis Tzioumakis)

Gary Bettinson (Lancaster University) – ‘Superman the Movie and the End of the New Hollywood’ (1977)’

Matt Denny (University of Warwick) – ‘The Postmodern Auteur: A New Wave Legacy’

Andrew Stubbs (Edge Hill University) – ‘The Indie Auteur and Television: Steven Soderbergh and The Knick


Tea/ Coffee (Music Building Foyer)


Paralleol Panel Sessions

PANEL A  – Production Companies and the American New Wave (Roberts Room)(Chair: Frederick Wasser)

Sarah Thomas (Aberystwyth University) – ‘From Authentic Joes to Fake Bobs: Cannon Film’s 1970s New Wave Era’

Paul Kerr (Middlesex University) – ‘Not the Movie Brats The American New Wave, Independent Production and the Mirisch Company’

PANEL B – New York and the American New Wave (Parry-Williams Room)
(Chair: Gregory Frame)

Justin Wadlow (University Picardie Jules Verne) – ‘Permanent Vacation: Hollywood-New York-New Wave’

Sven Weidner (University of Bamberg) – ‘New York City and its cops in New Hollywood Films and Independent Movies of the 1990s/2000s’




Peter Krämer (University of East Anglia) – ‘Watch the Skies: Steven Spielberg, Science Fiction and American Cinema, 1967-80’


SCREENING IN PONTIO: 2001: A Space Odyssey (Stanley Kubrick, 1968)

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Thursday 6 July


Parallel Panel Sessions

PANEL A - Revisiting Key Films of the American New Wave II (Roberts Room) (Chair I.Q. Hunter)

Stephen Parmelee (Seaver College, Pepperdine University) – ‘Point Blank: John Boorman’s Existentialist Thriller’

Sebastian Croft (University of Warwick) – ‘History bites back: Confronting the atomic bomb in Jaws

PANEL B - Histories of the American New Wave
 (Parry-Williams Room)
(Chair: Robert Kolker)

Hauke Lehmann (Freie Universität Berlin) – ‘Splitting the Spectator: An Affective History of the New Hollywood’

Daniel Lik Hang Chan (Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts)  – ‘Robin Wood’s Legacy: Ambivalence and American Films in the 1970s’

Michael Goddard (University of Westminster) – ‘New Wave Cinema/New Wave Criticism?: The Strange Case of Peter Biskind’


Tea/ Coffee (Music Building Foyer)


Parallel Panel Sessions

PANEL A - Legacies of the American New Wave II (Roberts Room)
(Chair: Gregory Frame)

Raffaele Ariano (University of Oxford) – ‘The Romantic Comedies by Charlie Kaufman as part of the legacy of the American New Wave’

Jimmy Hay (University of Bristol) - 'After the Party: Weariness, stasis and the legacy of the American New Wave in the films of Kelly Reichardt'

Kim Wilkins (University of Sydney) – ‘From Benjamin Braddock to Max Fischer: Considering Wes Anderson’s worlds through the American New Wave’

PANEL B – Authorship and the American New Wave II (Parry-Williams Room)
(Chair: Gary Bettinson)

Matthew Melia (Kingston University) – ‘Rebuilding the Western: Robert Altman’s McCabe and Mrs Miller

Chris Horn (University of Leicester) – ‘Remember My Name? Alan Rudolph, Authorship and the Influence of European Art Cinema’



Lunch (Music Building Foyer)



Professor Linda Ruth Williams (University of Southampton) – ‘Spielberg’s Children’



Tea/ Coffee (Music Building Foyer)



SCREENING IN PONTIO: Apocalypse Now (Francis Ford Coppola, 1979)

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