• 4th-6th July 2017


  • The Music Building, Bangor University, College Road, Bangor.

Welcome to American New Wave: A Retrospective

This conference will consider The American New Wave’s cultural, political and aesthetic legacies fifty years since its birth. It will seek to look afresh at the films produced during its short lifespan and assess their continued significance. It will explore the films these directors produced in the years after 1980 to consider how far the values and ideals of the earlier period persisted or whether they were subsumed by the cultural conservatism that has dominated mainstream cinema since then. It will also investigate those filmmakers we might consider to have picked up the baton from their predecessors and pursued challenging material in more recent times.

The conference will be held from 4th-6th July 2017 at Bangor University in North Wales. It is planned to publish the proceedings. A series of complementary screenings will be held at our new Pontio Arts and Innovation Centre

Confirmed Keynote Speakers;

  • Professor Robert Kolker (University of Maryland)
  • Professor IQ Hunter (De Montfort University)
  • Professor Linda Ruth Williams (University of Southampton)
  • Peter Kramer (University of East Anglia)

About the conference

This conference is being hosted and organised by academics and staff from the School of Creative Studies and Media which is part of the College of Arts and Humanities at Bangor University. Find out more: